Airport Storage FAQ's

Airport Self Storage is dedicated to providing you with hassle free storage. Below is a list of questions that should be asked when comparison shopping storage facilities.


Q) Is there a fee to book a storage unit?


A)  At Airport Self Storage there are no fees to book or reserve a storage unit.


Q) Is there a security deposit?


A) No security deposit is charged at Airport Self Storage.


Q) Is there a deposit charged for a gate card or opener?


A) No gate card or opener required. We offer keypad access with your own personal passcode.


Q) What type of notice is required to vacate my storage unit?


A) Same day notice either in writing or verbally at the office is

all that’s required. Giving proper notice is important. If we are not aware that you have moved out we may keep charging you for the storage unit.


Q) What type of access do I have to my storage unit?


A) Storage yard access hours are 6:00am to Midnight daily

7 days a week via keypad access. For office access call 403-782-6468.


Q) What type of security and protection do you provide?


A) We have a fully secure perimeter with barbed wire topped

6 foot chain link fence, security monitoring and yard lighting.


Q) What type of units do you have?


A) Our storage units are available in sizes to suit your requirements and are all on the ground floor. You can easily drive up to your unit for loading and unloading.














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